Sunday, 4 August 2019

How to stay productive as a blogger.

If you read my 'how to get more organised with your blog' you'll know how much of an organised person i am and how much i really hate if something isn't planned. Don't get me wrong, some days i haven't got the motivation to even make my bed let alone writing blog posts and taking photos, so i thought i'd put together a few tips i find helpful when feeling stuck.

1. Get enough sleep. 

I know this is an easy one, and one everyone knows but getting enough sleep will benefit you in the long run when it comes to being productive. This one is quite a hard one for me as i suffer with insomnia and have done all my life but i try to get at least 8 hours if i can but sometimes that doesn't go to plan, i usually get 6 hours sleep every night when i eventually nod off. 

2. Stay hydrated. 

Now we're in summer, the months are getting hotter it's important to stay hydrated, and if you're dehydrated you're most likely to loose focus and loose your motivation. Therefore, is an essential to drink enough water. 

3. Write a to do list. 

Every evening once i get into bed i like to sit down and write a to do list of what i have to do the next day. I find it easier to do it the night before and i'm less likely to forget what i need to do that day. I find it so satisfying ticking off things I've done and i feel a lot better knowing i didn't forget to do that task. 

4. Have a tidy work space. 

I don't know about you but i have to have a tidy work space in order to function properly. If something isn't tidy it will play on my mind until i sort it which isn't ideal for when you want to be productive. I also find lighting your favourite wax melt so relaxing, it really gets me in the mood to get some writing done. 

5. Invest in a motivational planner. 

I have two planners i use to keep me productive (both are gifted) and i find it so helpful having a planner dedicated to one thing and one thing only. I recently received a daily goal setter from Mal Paper and i have dedicated it to my Instagram and blog to keep me on track of everything and plan new content. 

 *This post contains gifted items, please see my disclaimer page for more information.