Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The two cleansers that have changed my skin for the better.

I love me a good cleanser, and one that doesn't irritate my skin either. I like to stick with products i know, and the ones that keep my oily skin at bay whilst, on the other hand, helping to keep my skin hydrated.

Over the past month or so I've been using these two cleansers to help get my skin back on track. I barely have any spots now apart from the hormonal ones that comes around when i'm due on my period. The oily parts of my skin have calmed down drastically and it's all down to these two products.

Pixi Beauty - Glow tonic cleansing gel.

I didn't know who pixi beauty were until i started blogging but i wish i had known about them sooner! Everything about their brand stuns me, especially their packaging!

I actually picked up the Glow tonic cleansing gel in the sale from Boots, and i'm so happy i grabbed it whilst it was at bargain price! I can't remember how much i paid for it, but it was most certainly cheaper than usual.

Over the time I've been using the glow tonic i have noticed my skin is a lot more bright and glowy and if i'm honest, i'm living for that! Nobody likes a dull face, even more on the days where you don't wear any makeup.

Overall, the product is amazing. I really like that it's gel based, the texture feels so soothing on the skin and it's SO gentle for those who suffer with sensitive skin! I would definitely buy this again.

Shop the glow tonic here.

 Botanic's - All bright cleansing foam wash.

Botanic's is another brand i LOVE and their most reached product of mine is the 'All bright cleansing foam wash'. Everything about this product makes me happy, the smell, the texture and how gentle it is on the skin. I love that after every use, my skin feels brand new and SO cleansed. 

After seeing a few bloggers give good reviews on this brand and product i said to myself it's time i try it, and, so i did! I've been using this product for at least 2 months now, it has cleared up most of my acne and has helped a lot with my oily skin. Sometimes my skin can be a little dehydrated but that's nothing a moisturiser won't fix. 

When i first used this product, it was a shock because i felt like i was drowning as i was rinsing it off my face but after a couple of uses, my body got use to it and now i can't live without it! 

Shop the All bright cleansing foam wash here

Have you got a favourite cleanser at the moment? If so, i'd love to hear for future recommendations. 


  1. I have the pixi glow tonic cleansing gel lined up as my next cleanser, it sounds amazing and I can't wait to start using it!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. It’s such an amazing cleanser! Definitely need to repurchase as I’ve ran out x

  3. Love love love both if these brands and so glad that someone else is using them to xx