Sunday, 26 May 2019

My go to perfumes for Spring.

Hey lovelies, happy Sunday! I can't quite believe I've already done two weeks of exams, it's going crazy quick which is how i wanted it to be! Now i'm on half term i can think about getting a few blog posts written and scheduled for the upcoming weeks i have left of exams so i thought i'd share my go to perfumes i have been loving this year.

I like to smell nice all year round but when the sun is shining i like to smell extra nice, i think every girl can agree with me on that one! As soon as spring hits i bring out the most gorgeous smelling perfumes and sprays and it makes me soo happy and it just puts me in the best mood!

It all depends on my mood but 9/10 i'm wearing my Zoella botanic'eau body mist which is from her summer range last year. I can't begin to explain how good this perfume smells and for such an affordable price i think it's a win win, don't you agree?

 Botanic'eau - Zoella Beauty.

As i mentioned in the beginning of the post I've been loving Zoella Beauty's Botanic'eau from her splash botanics range she launched last year, the packaging is so cute and not to mention how good it smells!

Fruit Medley - Zoella Beauty.

Another favourite perfume of mine is Fruit Medley by Zoella Beauty and it's from her newer fruit range and oh my goodness does it smell glorious! 

Blush pink - Ted Baker. 

Who doesn't enjoy smelling amazing and getting compliments asking where the perfume is from? There's something about Ted Baker's body spray's that make me feel wonderful and i love when people compliment the fragrance i'm wearing. Ted baker's blush pink fragrance has soft floral notes which is perfect for an everyday wear!

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