Wednesday, 8 May 2019

How to deal with low Mental Health days.

You can't say you haven't had days, weeks, months or even years where you wanted to give it all up and stay in bed. We've all been there, it's all part of being human and it's ok not to be ok. 

We all have those days where we feel completely and utterly empty, sad and alone but then we also have those days where we're bouncing off the walls bursting with joy, it's what humans do. Without those bad days we wouldn't be where we are now, so in a way it's a blessing and in a way it isn't.

We all know how much of an arsehole Mental Health can be to us, how much it leaves you feeling like your not worth anything and that's how our brains are. We have to train our minds to be positive and to be kind to ourselves because our mind is the worst and overpowering human function we have. You could be feeling fine one minute and the next you just want to cry without knowing or understanding why you feel the sadness that you feel and that's ok! 

1. Make your bed.

First thing's first, the most important thing that can change your mood in seconds is to make your bed. You're probably thinking why would making my bed change my mood in seconds? Well, if your bed is a mess your automatically going to stress and that can't happen. 

For me being OCD my bed HAS to be made and put a certain way otherwise i'll have a melt down but for others suffering with mental health, making their bed is a struggle. 

If you struggle to get up and make your bed, it's ok, that's ok! We all have those days where we don't feel like doing anything and unfortunately it comes with the illness and it's not going to change how you feel overnight. The more you do it, the more your body and mental health get use to having a routine and i think that's the most important thing. 

Fluff up them pillows, straighten up the bed, put your favourite throw and cushions on your bed and i can promise you it'll make all the difference to your bedroom. Just think of it this way - you're one step closer to a more relaxed you. 

2. Freshen up.

First of all i do want to say i'm not calling you dirty, by freshen up i mean by taking a nice hot shower, put on your favourite spray and perfume (even if you aren't going out). Having a familiar smell can do your mental health a whole load of good. 

Go to your bathroom, put on some music that takes you to your happy place, relax and do what you need to do. Using our bathroom is part of our daily routine, let's be honest, it's where we go for a toilet, to have a shower/bath, wash our hands, brush our teeth, doing the cleaning or in some cases our makeup. 

I can understand where others are coming from with "but i don't know where to start". So many people walk into their bathroom and think shit. Not that sort of shit you dirty mind! Shit as in, what do i do first? Well, look at it as it's clockwise, start from one corner and work your way around. Personally i start on my left which will be my shower first and my teeth last. 

 3. go for a walk.

Now, fresh air is everyone's best friend, i love fresh air, everything about it calms me. The sound of birds singing, the views, the flowers and so on is EVERYTHING! I'm not sure i'll be who i am today if it wasn't for me taking 5 minutes out of my day to go for a walk and listen to the birds because that's my therapy. 

Do it for yourself, put your favourite comfy shoes on and take a stroll in the woods, by the lakes or even the beach. You won't regret it!

It's all very well staying home but are you really getting your therapy if your not getting fresh air? Let that sink in. 

 4. Create a calm area. 

So many people will be able to agree with me on this point. I have an area in my room, by the window with my favourite cushions to give it that extra touch that will make you feel calm and i can't recommend it enough. I have noticed a huge difference in my anxiety because I've trained my body and mind to go to that area if i feel rubbish, scared, upset or unsafe. It feels so good to read a book, watch Netflix and write blog posts in what i call "My safe space". 

If you have an extra fluffy throw put that on the floor and make it look like a rug, add your favourite cushions and anything else that may calm you down on days where you feel upset/anxious. I also recommend lighting your favourite candle(s) see number 5 where i speak about candles. 

5. Burn your favourite candles. 

Am i right or am i right - burning our favourite candles (or wax melts) is the nicest feeling in the world? Every evening when i go into my bedroom i always light a scented candle or a wax melt, (9 times out of 10 i burn wax melts) and it  makes me feel so calm and relaxed. Having familiar smells are comforting for our low mental health days. 

If you ever feel anxious, sad, depressed ect grab the most uplifting wax melt (or candle) and burn it. I wouldn't recommend burning strong scents due to stronger smells causing more anxiety. I always recommend burning calming scents such as Lavender when you're having a bad day.

What do you do when you're having a low mental health day?

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