Saturday, 11 May 2019

Figs and Rouge review*.

If you know me then you will know how much of a sucker i am for cute packaging, it doesn't have to be pink to get my approval so you can probably guess my reaction when i received the cutest package from Figs and Rouge.

This post contains gifted items*

For those who may be unsure who Figs and Rouge are, they're a vegan and cruelty-free brand who sell skincare products for complexion perfection. 

The best thing about Figs and Rouge is they're vegan and cruelty-free brand (as I've mentioned in the paragraph above) which means they never test their products on animals. 

Morning revival.

Figs and Rouge's morning revival is a deeply nourishing and skin boosting morning hydration cream, blended with restorative rose hip and reviving rosewater to delicately brighten and even skin-tone. 

Morning revival is formulated using a combination of Hyaluronic acids, Shea butter and naturally occurring vitamins A,C and E. Perfect for liberating inner radiance and waking up a tired or sluggish complexion. Soothing properties of Calendula and aloe ensure this is a delicate and anti-inflammatory morning skin treat.

Every morning i have loved waking up and putting this morning revival hydration restoration rose cream on my skin. 

Once i have woken up and done the normal things everyone does in the morning i like to cleanse my skin then apply my morning revival hydration rose cream. Everything about this product is insanely lovely, the smell, the product, the packaging and even the colour of the cream itself. 

The morning revival rose hydrating cream leaves my skin feeling softer than ever. The only way to describe how soft it leaves my skin is it's almost like i have brought a new face (creepy, i know!) but on another note, it actually smells of roses, and that's not me being OTT, that's me being completely honest. 

I've noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. Before using this product my skin was a hormonal and stressful mess, my skin was awfully dry and de-hydrated which nobody likes. 

 Day detox.

Figs and Rouge's day detox is an ultra-lightweight, daily detoxifying, complexion refining and glow enhancing serum. It's designed to improve skin texture, refine and unclog pores, enhance with naturally exfoliating rose hip, witch-hazel and salicylic acid to brighten complexion daily.

Day detox is an anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile, aloe and vitamin E delivers a soothing treatment for even sensitive skin. 

There's nothing better than taking off your makeup, having a nice hot shower and having fresh, cleansed skin. Figs and Rouge have made my daily skincare routine so much more exciting. I love putting their day detox micro-refining serum on before bed. It's such a soothing and refreshing serum to have soaking into your skin after a long day.

Figs and Rouge's day detox doesn't smell as good as their morning revival hydrating cream, it almost smells like face paint you'd have done at parties as a kid! Day detox also leaves your skin feeling fresh, smooth and hydrated which is everyone's favourite, i know it's my favourite!

 Soft focus pore perfect. 

Figs and Rouge's soft focus pore perfect is to be worn underneath your makeup to give you the matte look rather than looking more oily than the chips in a frying pan.

The best thing about this product is that it's weightless which means it won't make you feel like you've got concrete on your face and for me that's everything. I can't stand anything worse than feeling like you have to pick your face up off the floor whilst walking.

Figs and Rouge's soft focus pore perfect serum helps minimise the appearance of pores and create a sheer complexion, it's an anti-blemish formulation and it also helps reduce skin impurities and combat breakouts. 

I've been using Fig and Rouge's Soft focus pore perfect since i received it and i can honestly say, hand on heart it's my favourite base to have on underneath my makeup. I'm oily prone skinned and this makes my skin look flawless! I can't recommend it enough!

The personal touches.

Receiving something so kind and generous is what makes it worth it but when you have your own personal touches made and given to you by surprise, that's what makes it 10x better. Figs and Rouge surprised with with my name on the ribbon and it's honestly the cutest thing! 

 Thank you so so much to the Figs and Rouge team for gifting these items to me x x

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