Sunday, 21 April 2019

Spring Yankee Candle haul.

Now that spring has finally sprung it's time to get out our spring scents. I love Yankee Candle's all year round but there spring scents are my all time favourite, It's something about their packaging and the scents that really get me.

It's no secret that i like my wax melts, i probably love them more than i should. Everything about wax melts just make me happy, the packaging, the colours and most importantly the scent. For me, having wind down time is super important in order to keep me on the straight and narrow with my mental health, especially my anxiety but at the same time they lift my mood when i'm having a down day.

Yankee Candle not long ago launched a new spring range called 'Sunday brunch' and i can honestly say, hand on heart these scents are my favourite! They're so fresh, they have hints of floral scents and the colours are so calm and relaxing! Not only are there floral scents, there are also savoury scents. I'm not going to lie and butter it up and say I've smelt the savoury scents when i haven't but from the names i can already tell they would smell stunning!

What's your favourite Yankee Candle scent you love for spring?

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