Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Review on Dermalogica's new skincare products*.

Dermalogica recently launched two new skincare products, redness relief essence and Prisma Protect. The difference between the two is one's a Ultra calming toner and the other one is a moisturiser that contains SPF30. Being apart of the skin program i was lucky enough to have received their new products, which is very, very exciting! If you know me then you'll know how much i love skincare so trying Dermalogica's new products is a blessing i count everyday.

Dermalogica's redness relief essence is a lightweight toner as well as a concentrated serum. The refreshing formula visibly reduces redness and helps reduce sensitivity by strengthening the skin's moisture barrier while the Aloe Vera keeps the skin hydrated.

My first thought's on this product we're "It smells like bleach" and "where's the pump?" but after i realised there was no pump i looked at the back and it says to dispense into palm and pat gently over cleansed face and neck.

The day i received this toner was the day i started using it, and in my opinion i wasn't too keen on the product. I believe it's making me breakout because i haven't had a painful spot in months and I've been using this for at least two weeks. I'm still using it now because it has reduced the redness and sensitivity on my skin (which is lush), however, i'm not liking how my skin looks and feels at the moment. Maybe over time my skin might start to agree with the product but it might not, you just have to stick in with it for as long as possible!

Last but no means least is Dermalogica's NEW Prisma protect moisturiser which contains SPF30. Their Prisma protect is a light-activated multitasking moisturiser that provides broad spectrum defence while preventing the future signs of skin damage. Prisma protect is an intelligent drone technology that is activated by visible light to help protect skin against pollution. 

I was so happy, the happiest of happy to have received their Prisma Protect moisturiser. I mean, who wouldn't? The packaging is gorgeous and i absolutely LOVE the rainbow effect! It definitely is something to put a smile on your face, everyone loves a rainbow!

I've been wearing this moisturiser everyday since receiving it and i have nothing bad to say about it! Apart from the odd occasion where my skin will be oily but that's nothing john major! 

Because the Uk haven't had a lot of sun recently i can't say if it does what it say's it does e.g protecting your skin, i'll update you all once we get some proper sun!

 Have you tried Dermalogica's new products? if so, what's your opionion on them? I'd love to know!!

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