Monday, 8 April 2019

Pixi beauty review.

Hey lovelies, happy Monday. I recently purchased two amazing products from PixiBeauty as i've wanted to try this brand for the longest time but i haven't had chance to do so. Boots are now selling Pixi products so i had to pick up the ones that most caught my eye, and those were the 'peel and polish' and 'rose tonic'.

Pixi Beauty's rose tonic naturally soothing and rich in nutrients, their tonic helps to tone, balance pH, minimise redness and calms the skin. The rose tonic re-hydrates, replenishes and refreshes. Not only is it suitable for the most sensitive skin types but it's also alcohol free. 

 I never thought i'd love a product as much as i love this Rose tonic. Everything about this product i love and i LOVE with a passion. The smell, the packaging and how it feels on the skin. And, what's  even better is that the tonic actually smells like roses which was an instant yes from me. 

I've seen so many bloggers rave about how good this rose tonic is but you never know how good it actually is until you try it for yourself! The formula of this tonic is amazing, it's so calm and gentle on the skin and it's very soothing. £10 may seem a bit pricey for a little bottle which for some people will seem a lot but once you've tried it you then realise what was worth the money and what wasn't worth the money. In my opinion, my money was well spent and i will be re-purchasing once I've finished the one i'm using. 

Pixi Beauty's peel & polish is a salon peel treatment made easy at home. It has natural fruit enzymes which exfoliates & polish, lifting away dead skin cells to reveal a more smooth, radiant, and healthy complexion. 

At first i wasn't too keen on this product as i found it quite rough on the skin which isn't nice for anyone, especially if you have sensitive skin (like me). However, after using it a couple of times my skin got use to it and all i do is stroke my skin after using it as my face is sooo smooth! 

I think this product is a hit and miss for many people. Some people aren't keen on products that feel rough on the skin but there's also people who love the feeling after they have used the peel and polish. In my opinion, you either love or hate it. I'm personally not a lover of this product because of how rough it is on my skin but at the same time i like it because my skin feels super smooth after using it. In all honesty, this wouldn't be a product i'd purchase again, especially wasting £26 on it. 

What's your favourite product from Pixi Beauty?

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