Sunday, 17 March 2019

Zoella x ColourPop review.

With spring on it's way to England, it's the perfect time for bright, vibrant colours and pretty packaging. If you're a fellow lover of Zoe Sugg and Zoella beauty then you will know she's got such a gorgeous, girly new beauty range which is makeup instead of bath and pampering products. I don't know about you but it feels like I've been waiting a decade for this day to finally come to see Zoe launch makeup.

Don't get me wrong i absolutely love her beauty and pampering products but makeup is something i never thought she would consider looking into. My dreams came true and it's safe to say that i love her range but most importantly i love the products i chose.

This pale pink blush caught my eye straight away, i didn't even hesitate to buy it. It's such a gorgeous, natural shade and it's perfect for those days where you just want to wear minimal makeup. I love that it brings out a bit of rosiness to the face and makes your cheeks look more flattering than ever. The consistency of this is absolutely amazing, i couldn't be more happier with how it feels and how it looks on my skin. I'm naturally quite dark skinned so it's a very subtle kind of pink and isn't in your face which is an even better bonus for me.

Price: $8.00 

At first i wasn't sure on this highlighter due to how pale it looks but after using it i loved it. It's not the usual colour i would normally go for but it's such a subtle, calm shade. Again, because i have naturally dark skin this looks lovely and natural. The consistency of this highlighter is lovely, just like the blusher. 

Price $8.00

I absolutely love a matte lip and this one has to be my favourite I've come across so far. The consistency of this matte lipstick is amazing, it feels so smooth and moisturising on the lips and lasts all day without any it coming off! The formula of this is amazing and i couldn't be anymore in love with it, even if i tried. This matte lipstick is a gorgeous browny, purple shade.

Have you tried anything from the Zoella X ColourPop collection?

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