Tuesday, 19 March 2019

A Disney dream with TruffleShuffle*.

I recently discovered a brand called TruffleShuffle who sell the most amazing, girly Disney bits and of course i reached out and asked if they'd like to collaborate. I was lucky enough to receive three gorgeous Disney bits from them which felt amazing. For someone that's loved Disney all her life, working with a brand that sell Disney bits is a whole new level of love.

First up is the most gorgeous Beauty and the beast pyjamas, i can't even begin to tell you how comfy and cosy they are. Even though it's March and it's still quite cold, having the shorts on with a snugly blanket is even better. I absoulely love these pyjamas, they're so cute and girly because Belle is my favourite princess. The detailing of the pyjamas is so pretty! I love that there are ruffles at the bottom of the shorts, it makes it extra girly.

If you're looking for something cute and girly to lounge around in then i highly recommend purchasing this. It's currently on a discount, reduced to £9.99 from £15.99 which is an amazing discount in my eyes.

I think this has to be my favourite out of them all, only because it's such a dreamy trinket dish to have in your room to put any loose jewellery or just simply there for decoration. I personally love that it's white with gold lettering, it just makes it special and unique to me. 

Every girls dream is to visit Disney Land but some people just don't have the money so for me, it's lovely to look at and to remind me that Disney starts at home. Who knows, i might visit Disney land in the future! 

Last but no means least is the most gorgeous knee high socks and silk eye mask. I absolutely love the material of these, the socks aren't itching considering it's got hints of glitter (sort of like tinsel). The eye mask is super comfy, fits perfectly around the eyes and it's very light weight! The only thing i would suggest is to cut the tag off the eye mask otherwise it because quite irritating and itchy.  

Will you be treating yourself to some girly Disney bits from TruffleShuffle?

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